The work I have included in this category encompasses many different stylistic periods over 35 years. These include early work (70’s-80’s) representing “visual sounds.” It was my goal to have the viewer “hear with their eyes.”

Over the years, many of the works incorporate images of faces and hands. Although abstracted, they are more representational in their content. I believe hands and faces act as windows into a person’s character and reflect who they are by their uniqueness.

Issues of control, and lack thereof also are addressed with works from the 90’s. Politics, political upheavals, and gender issues I have responded to with a narrative approach in my choices of imagery. My fascination with progeny, families, and their mysteries are also represented. My travels to Australia, and familiarity with the Australian Aboriginal Culture have also inspired me. Upon returning to Canada in 1985 after my first visit I created a body of work exploring Judeo-Christian ideas of Creation versus the Aboriginal Dreaming Dreamtime.

My time as an art educator and working with students struggling with life’s inequities have all impacted my sculptural creative output. In my current work while exploring new technologies and ideas, I continue to revisit themes I am passionate about from my past.

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