PUBLIC ART: (current news)

My first experience with Public Art was in 1978 when I received an Ontario Arts Council Grant for a project in the school as a visiting artist. I was later commissioned to create a largescale sculptural installation for the front of the school. The neighborhood pooled its resources including the services of a local tractor and crane operator and came up with the necessary funds.

I love to have the input of the public when designing for a venue that will be experienced by people walking by who may very well never have been in a gallery or museum. It is a challenge to achieve work that is both accessible to the general public, but retains an edge enabling a deeper contemplation.

My experience in this realm includes indoor and outdoor sculptures, painted and fabricated murals, and temporary public art projects. I have worked with governmental and private agencies during this process. I love the challenges each bring and look forward to having more opportunities designing this form of creative expression.

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